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Airport Lugger is a small 2 week Android Project made to create and test our new development framework, car physics, crashing physics, efficient and optimized programming, modeling, and building techniques that would help us apply such in future Cup of Tea Games titles. 

The end result is a short and fun car destroying game with ragdoll physics that would challenge the player in multiple courses throughout the game in which would prove an interesting and addicting mobile game for anyone to try! Test your driving skills as you attack corners while avoiding obstacles and delivering a variety of different luggage to the airplane in question. Complete all sorts of tasks and gain tokens to use to buy better vehicles and costumes for your lugger character. Think you have what it takes to become the ultimate airport luggage transporter personnel?


WASD or Directional Buttons : Movement

R: Restart the level

Esc: Exits Application

Note: Wheel and pedals are usable via clicking but are intended for tables users.

This game is a direct Android port and may contain some bugs fixable for the foreseeable future.

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file and launch the executable inside the extracted folder to play. This build only supports Windows 64bit computers.


Airport Lugger 1.19.zip 23 MB

Also available on


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Made a video


Nice video! We made sure to fix some of the issues revealed in the gameplay. Thanks so much!